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The fog has come back.
The Fog Has Returned on 365 Project

I got off a little early today and rode my bike downtown. I talked to a one-legged veteran in a wheelchair. He was looking for handouts, but I let him talk anyway, and gave him some cash. He said he was looking for something to cover his co-pay for his medication. Whether that was true, or his "medication" is something a little bit stronger is his own business. The thing that seemed to light him up the most was that I actually acknowledged him. He said he was sitting out there all day, and I was the first person to do that. He gave me a pressed penny he found with a Seattle emblem on it to keep in my wallet. I didn't give out anymore cash today, but I did try to give out smiles to much of the ignored Seattle population. No one else even asked me for change, but I did get a lot of smiles back.

A few days ago two 20-somethings were out asking for money so they could get fucked up. One even stopped me with a big grin on his face, and asked me if I could help them out with some beer/drug money. I said no, I have to buy groceries to feed my kid and waved my empty grocery bag at him. That's a situation where I think those kids just need to go get a job. There's plenty of jobs at Pike Place that will pay you enough to spend your lunch breaks at The Athenian getting drunk. Ha, when I was managing at the bakery down there, I used to have to go to The Athenian to hunt down my staff and coax them back to the bakery for the afternoon. That, and wake Pat up in his van. He preferred a solo lunch break. Probably with something a bit stronger than beer.

So here is Judas:

I saw him wandering around last week and worried he wasn't going to last very long with that broken wing, but I was happy to see him today still hanging out in the same area. Who knows, maybe he'll heal up and be able to fly away. Why I call him Judas, I don't know? That's just a name that's been popping up a lot recently. He even gets his own heavy metal song:


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