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So I grew up in a green house. A green house with a red front porch and two pink doors. It looked like a giant frog. My pink door went to the downstairs, and the other pink door went to the upstairs. There was a front yard and a back yard. My parents first moved there with my older sister. Before they were living in a commune called the Party House. Party as in the communist party. It was a commune run by our church. At some point they got sick of pooling all their money together to pay for everyone's wisdom tooth to be pulled out and what-not, and decided to move into the frog house where I grew up.

The first upstairs neighbor I remember was Janet. Janet From Another Planet. She was a former Hare Krishna, and would call my sisters and me her "little hares" (pronounced like hairy). We would scream up to her window when we got stung by bees, and she would throw ice cubes down to us to put on the stings. Sometimes she would let me come upstairs to see her collection of pine cones. My clearest memory of her was when she taught me how to make a band aid out of a cotton ball and a piece of scotch tape. She had a boyfriend named Bruce. He did a lot of LSD. He listened to Jimi Hendrix and tried to kiss the sky.

After Janet moved out to go live in a mental hospital, Caroline moved in. She used to argue with my dad all the time, and listen to old Tin Pan Alley songs over and over again. She was French Canadian, and looked like the most plainest person I've ever seen in my life. When I read Sarah, Plain and Tall, I always imagined Sarah looked like Caroline. Later on she ended up being my middle school teacher. That was weird. She wasn't the first, or the last, of my teachers that hated my father.

After Caroline was Bossy Heather and her fiance. I don't remember his name. He was very plain like Caroline and easy to boss around. That's why Heather liked him. Actually they bought the house with us in it. They moved in upstairs and kept us downstairs, using our rent to help pay the mortgage. Heather thought we were too noisy, and would also fight a lot with my father. They raised the rent a lot. We moved out. At this point it was only my dad, my little sister, and me. We got a small apartment in North Seattle. I was 17. I have a drawing I made when I was 16 of the house. I'll try to find it and post a picture.


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