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It's been a while since I did one of these. I'll start with the most famous, The Animals. The video is pretty fucking cheesy.I love it

And this is the version I grew up listening to. Honestly I think Dylan's voice sounds beautiful in this version. I learned to play this song listening to this on my dad's record player

And to save space, the rest here are links to interesting versions I found:
Jimi Hendrix
Frijid Pink I found this a few places listed as "Pink Floyd" but no, it's Frijid Pink. I even found a video that has this version playing with the rainbow triangle picture in the background.
What were the Beatles on here? I wonder if I can buys some on The Ave?
An interesting South African disco version by HOT R.S. it's hot...
Geordie a nice classic 70's rock version.
The Ventures!!! The Ventures have a special place in my heart. I was watching them live at the opening of EMP at the Mural Amphitheater  when I met "Vern the One Man Party" whom I dated for a year. He also introduced me to Jeremiah :)
lol Bon Jovi funny, at first I accidentally put this one down with the ladies.
The White Stripes live. It's kind of cool that they covered this song, but meh.
Hah! Duran Duran did it too.
Muse I haven't actually heard of these band, but it's an interesting version. Lots of loud guitar and weird digital sounds.
Woody Guthrie He has a way of making things sound so much more upbeat.
Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town
Finally! Something heavy metal EverEve and Sentenced.
Alan Price
I love this guy Waylon Jennings
Five pages into my search I found Jerry Garcia

The ladies:
Libby Holman
Joan Baez (for [ profile] deliriums_fish)
Of course Dolly covered it. It's definitely a 70's version.
Even Sinead did it.
and Courtney Love Like most of her songs, pretty boring.
Walls of Jericho much better than Courtney if you want to hear a girl hard rock cover.
Jody Miller I put this one in just because of her dress.

The odd balls:
7 foot tall Musical Tesla Coils That's not a band name. It's really played by 7 foot tall Musical Tesla Coils.
Wow, I like this Cambodian´╗┐ Space Project
Gary Glitter not really anything quite like this.
Okay, this guy reminds me of my dad, but he doesn't put so much sugar in his coffee.
My dad and Pastor Rick Reynolds for Reference about 1992? The mullet phase...
pic under the cut... )

 There's about 1,000 other versions of this song, but I have to do other crap at some point.


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